Fall Asleep While You Nourish Your Soul

With proven relaxation techniques combined with principles for overcoming harmful behavior.

Wake up rested and ready for a great day.

Revive & Refresh

Feel alert, have more energy, and allow your body to heal itself with more consistent deep and restful sleep.

Do You Struggle?

Whether you are a veteran with destructive thoughts or you battle with substance abuse or anything else, help is on the way!

More Peace

When you drift off to sleep meditating on encouraging principles, you will experience more peace throughout your day.

Help For High Risk Groups

Whether you are a veteran struggling with destructive or even suicidal thoughts or someone who longs for freedom from substance abuse or other detrimental conditions, SleepSmartz is developing sleep sessions just for you.


Scientifically Proven

Numerous studies show a direct correlation between regular deep sleep and long-term health.  Our bodies are less susceptible to stress related conditions and oxidative diseases.  Nothing does the body good like a good night’s sleep.

Have the energy you Need

Work hard.  Play hard.  But without sleep it’s almost impossible.  Sleep is the foundation for a productive and enjoyable day.  Experience more enjoyment as you have the focus to get more done.  Feel the benefits of living a life with less stress.  Relax and reward yourself with soul-nurturing principles which will help you grow.

Enjoy Our Current App

Our current app available on the Apple and Google Play stores is a very simple app giving you just a taste of what is to come! The 12 sleep sessions available now will help you drift off to sleep as you meditate on encouraging spiritual principles.


Our New App

SleepSmartz has a brand new app in development that has a host of new features you’ll love along with over 100 new sleep sessions designs to help veterans, those struggling with addictions and people just like you!

Your Good Night’s Sleep is Waiting